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Many of the organizations we support need your help, too. They are working on big problems, issues that will shape the world's future, from local needs for watershed cleanup and protection to global disruptions of climate or threats of nuclear war.

What can you do?

Become informed: visit the web pages of organizations working on issues you care about. Or explore the links provided in Resources. Listen to Alex Chadwick on NPR's Radio Expeditions or Steve Curwood on NPR's Living on Earth. Not only are recordings of their radio shows archived on these websites, they also provide wonderful links to other resources.

Support these organizations financially: Make your own gifts. Each dollar counts, and can be especially important to some of the many grassroots organizations that are working locally to secure a safe and healthy environment for their community. Search through the grantee web pages for organizations working on something you find important, and write them a check.

Become active: Join. Engage in civil advocacy yourself. Bring your expertise and energy to these organizations and help them advance their issues. And now with the web linking homes and causes around the country, it is ever more easy to become a contributor to many of these issues. Visit web organizing sites like

Use your power as a consumer to buy what's right and avoid what's unsustainable. Environmental organizations are becoming ever more effective at organizing consumer power to create economic incentives for companies to do the right thing.

Read Time Magazine's analysis.

Visit one of the most successful current buying campaigns, encouraging home supply companies like Home Depot not to sell products made from old-growth forest.

Let us know what you find interesting. We'll send out periodic updates on what we and the organizations we support are doing.

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