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About the foundation

The Foundation and its Purpose

The W. Alton Jones Foundation was established in 1944 by W. Alton Jones "to promote the well-being and general good of mankind throughout the world."

The goals of the foundation are to
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  • build a sustainable world by developing new ways for humanity to interact responsibly with the planet's ecological systems, and
  • build a secure world by eliminating the possibility of nuclear war and by providing alternative methods of resolving conflicts and promoting security.
  • About W. Alton Jones and Nettie Marie Jones

    Grantmaking Programs

    The Sustainable World Program

    The Sustainable World Program supports efforts that will ensure that human activities do not undermine the quality of life of future generations and do not erode the Earth's capacity to support living organisms. The foundation addresses this challenge with a tight focus on issues whose resolution will determine how habitable the planet remains over the next century and beyond: maintaining biological diversity; ensuring that human economic activity is based on sound ecological principles; solving humanity's energy needs in environmentally sustainable ways; and avoiding patterns of contamination that erode the planet's capacity to support life. Special funds are set aside in the Sustainable World Program to support grassroots efforts of organizations working from local to statewide levels. Within each of these issues, the foundation funds work on a restricted set of program initiatives.

    The Secure World Program
    The Secure World Program seeks to build a secure world, free from the nuclear threat. The foundation addresses this challenge by: promoting Common Security and strategies related to how nations can structure their relationships without resorting to nuclear weapons; devising and promoting policy options to control and eventually eliminate existing nuclear arsenals and fissile materials; stemming proliferation of nuclear weapons and related materials; addressing threats to global sustainability by preventing the massive release of radioactive material; and assessing and publicizing the full costs of being a nuclear-weapon state. Within each of these issues, the foundation funds work on a restricted set of program initiatives
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