W. Alton Jones Foundation

1994 Annual Report

[Photo of bat stars at low tide] This photo, the cover of the W. Alton Jones Foundation's 1994 annual report, shows bat stars, Patiria miniata, exposed at low tide in the intertidal zone off South Moresby Island, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada.
Photo: Graham Osborne

A Sustainable World . . .

"Biodiversity lost cannot be recovered. Evolution may create new diversity over time, but this time scale is measured in millions of years, and the life forms that arise from that process will almost certainly differ from those that inhabit the Earth today. The extinctions now under way will affect all succeeding human generations."
J.P. Myers, W. Alton Jones Foundation

A Secure World . . .

"The center of our problem is not weapons but the purposes of the men behind them--their motives and greivances, the desparation of their leaders because of internal pressures, the poverty of racial hysteria, or the greivances of their people--in short, the whole bundle of human emotional combustibles which cause war."
David Lilienthal, Change, Hope and the Bomb
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