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1994 Grants for Maintaining Biodiversity in Forest Ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada

Haida Gwaii
Gowgaia Institute Society * Nov 1994 - $132,000
Queen Charlotte City, Haida Gwaii CANADA
To develop and disseminate information about the forests and forest management practices on Haida Gwaii to enable planning for a sustainable island economy.

Haida Tribal Society * Nov 1994 - $150,000
Council of the Haida Nation
Skidgate, Haida Gwaii CANADA
To assess ecological and cultural values of proposed logging sites on Haida Gwaii.

Queen Charlotte Islands Global Links Society * Nov 1994 - $41,450
Queen Charlotte City, Haida Gwaii CANADA
To hold a series of town meetings for residents of Haida Gwaii on the means by which the island community can develop its resources in ways that are ecologically and economically sustainable.

Pacific Northwest and Southwestern Canada
Association of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics * May 1994 - $80,000 over 2 years
Eugene, OR
To develop an environmental impact assessment of U.S. Forest Service management practices in forests on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains.

Conservation Alliance of British Columbia, BC Wild * May 1994 - $60,000
A Project of the Earthlife Canada Foundation
Vancouver, BC, CANADA
To educate policymakers and the public about the benefits of forest ecosystem preservation in British Columbia.

LightHawk * May 1994 - $50,000
Santa Fe, NM
For research and education on the impacts of logging practices on forest ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest.

National Audubon Society * Nov 1994 - $100,000
New York, NY
To monitor the Clinton Administration's forest management plan in the Pacific Northwest and facilitate citizen involvement in its implementation.

Northwest Policy Center * May 1994 - $40,000
University of Washington
Seattle, WA
For a workshop on the implementation of adaptive management areas proposed in the Clinton Administration's forest management plan in the Pacific Northwest.

Pacific Rivers Council * Nov 1994 - $150,000 over 2 years
Eugene, OR
To encourage adoption of a comprehensive watershed-based river conservation strategy for federal lands throughout the upper Columbia River basin, and to improve implementation of river-based elements of the Clinton Administration's forest plan in the Pacific Northwest.

Rainforest Action Network * Nov 1994 - $100,000
San Francisco, CA
To establish a coalition in the U.S. highlighting the end uses of forest products from British Columbia.

Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition * Nov 1994 - $115,000
A Project of Idaho Rivers United
Seattle, WA
For a media campaign to educate the public on the need to protect and restore the watersheds and wild salmon of the Columbia River Basin

Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund * Nov 1994 - $125,000
San Francisco, CA
For litigation to encourage sustainable forestry practices on public lands in the Pacific Northwest.

Sierra Legal Defence Fund Society * May 1994 - $35,000
Vancouver, BC, CANADA
For litigation to protect ancient forests in British Columbia.

Western Ancient Forest Campaign * May 1994 - $100,000
Washington, DC
To represent forest activist groups from the Pacific Northwest in the national debate about forest management practices.

Blue Mountain Native Forest Alliance * Nov 1994 - $35,000
Baker City, OR
To create a communications network to assist grassroots activists in their efforts to monitor forest activities on the Eastside of the Cascade Mountains.

Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project * May 1994 - $11,410
A Project of the League of Wilderness Defenders
Fossil, OR
For public education and forest monitoring efforts in the Blue Mountains region of eastern Oregon.

Central Oregon Forest Issues Committee * Nov 1994 - $33,620
A Project of the Central Oregon Environmental Center
Bend, OR
For organizing and technical support to volunteer forest watchers working in the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests.

Clayoquot Biosphere Project Society * May 1994 - $20,000
Tofino, BC, CANADA
To develop scientific analyses supporting sustainable management of Clayoquot Sound.

Coast Range Association * Nov 1994 - $15,000
Newport, OR
For public advocacy encouraging protection of Oregon's Coast Range forests and salmon.

Concerned Friends of the Winema * May 1994 - $20,000
Chiloquin, OR
To support forest monitoring and data collection in eastern Oregon

Friends of Clayoquot Sound * May 1994 - $38,000
Tofino, BC, CANADA
To document violations by the timber industry of government contracts.

Inland Empire Public Lands Council * May 1994 - $40,000
Spokane, WA
For legal advocacy on behalf of national forests east of the Cascades in Washington and Idaho.

Kettle Range Conservation Group * May 1994 - $18,450
Republic, WA
To monitor forestry practices in the Colville and Okanogan National Forests.

Klamath Forest Alliance * May 1994 - $30,000
Etna, CA
To monitor forest practices in national forests in the Klamath region of Oregon and California and to encourage sustainable management.

Oregon Natural Resources Council Fund * Nov 1994 - $30,000
Portland, OR
To advocate for good forest and watershed management practices on state and federal public lands in Oregon, and to encourage restoration of salmon habitats.

Sierra Club of British Columbia * May 1994 - $30,000
A Chapter of the Sierra Club of Canada
Victoria, BC, CANADA
To encourage sustainable forest management practices in the temperate rain forests of coastal British Columbia.

T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation * May 1994 - $29,000
Vancouver, BC, CANADA
To protect the salmon habitats in British Columbia by monitoring forest management and by pressing for stricter enforcement of British Columbia's Forest Practices Code.

Valhalla Wilderness Society * Nov 1994 - $40,000
New Denver, BC, CANADA
For local advocacy encouraging sustainable forest practices in the West Kootenay-Boundary region of British Columbia.

Western Canada Wilderness Committee * Nov 1994 - $25,000
Vancouver, BC, CANADA
To promote reform of British Columbia's tree farm license program.

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