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Secure World Program

1994 Grants to Promote Common Security

For Global Strategies on Common Security
Global Security Programme * Mar 1994 - $110,000
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, ENGLAND
To investigate how UN agencies, national militaries and nongovernmental organizations can cooperate more effectively in peacekeeping.

International Association of University Presidents * Mar 1994 - $25,000
Southport, CT
To develop and introduce prototype arms control materials into the curricula of the Third World universities.

Sixth International Symposium on Science, Arms Control and Global Conflicts * Mar 1994 - $25,000
Sponsored by the Union of Concerned Scientists
Cambridge, MA
To build a network of young researchers for the U.S., Germany, Russia, China, India, and Pakistan to address the issues of arms control and global conflict.

Verification Technology Information Centre * May 1994 - $150,000 over 2 years
To support research and provide information on the verification of nuclear arms control and arms reduction treaties.

Common Security in the Former Soviet Union
International Institute on Global and Regional Security * Nov 1994 - $25,000
To develop indigenous Ukrainian expertise on nuclear disarmament, nonproliferation and the ecological challenges associated with both issues.

World Policy Institute * May 1994 - $50,000
At the New School for Social Research
New York, NY
To encourage constructive U.S. and western involvement in the development of cooperative security arrangements between Europe, Russia and the other Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union.

Common Security in the Middle East
Initiative for Peace and Cooperation in the Middle East * Mar 1994 - $165,000
A Project of Search for Common Ground
Washington, DC
To conduct multi-issue Track II diplomacy with key leaders of civil society in the Middle East.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology * Feb 1994 - $15,000
Defense and Arms Control Studies Program
Cambridge, MA
To publish a study on the Israeli nuclear weapons program as part of a strategy to promote nuclear arms control in the middle east.

Common Security in Northeast Asia
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace * May 1994 - $100,000
Washington, DC
Through Japanese-American dialogue, to promote Japan's leadership potential in the areas of global nonproliferation, arms control peacekeeping and multilateral confidence-building measures.

Center for International Strategy, Technology and Policy * Mar 1994 - $125,000
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA
To developing a collective security regime for Northeast Asia focusing on a nuclear-weapons-free zone.

Institute for Global Security Studies * Mar 1994 - $38,000
Seattle, WA
To address the challenges of naval arms control and maritime security in the Asia-Pacific Region and to distribute a report on this topic to U.S. and regional policymakers.

Nautilus Institute * May 1994 - $80,000
Nautilus of America, Inc.
Berkeley, CA
To promote a proposal for a Northeast Asia nuclear-free zone through public education and outreach, media work, and an electronic mail network.

Nautilus Institute * Nov 1994 - $40,000
Nautilus of America, Inc.
Berkeley, CA
To prepare an energy efficiency assessment for North Korea which might indicate alternatives to the proposed transfer of a light water reactor to North Korea.

Common Security in South Asia
The Asia Society * Mar 1994 - $100,000
New York, NY
To examine the challenge of nuclear proliferation in South Asia within the broader context of American relations with India and Pakistan.

The Henry L. Stimson Center * Nov 1994 - $175,000
Washington, DC
To hold workshops promoting nonproliferation and confidence-building measures in South Asia and the Middle East, and to publish educational materials on confidence-building measures for foreign audiences.

Common Security in Europe
Ploughshares Fund * May 1994 - $100,000
San Francisco, CA
To assist organizations in Europe on work related to the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the international arms trade, and efforts to prevent violent conflicts.

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