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Sustainable World Program

1994 Grants Addressing Economic Externalities and the Environment

Accounting for the Environment * Mar 1994 - $75,000
A Project of the Tides Foundation
Chevy Chase, MD
To encourage adoption by international bodies and national governments of environmental accounting methods that would provide a more accurate measure of gross national product.

Carnegie Mellon University * Mar 1994 - $34,000
Graduate School of Industrial Administration
Pittsburgh, PA
For a workshop focusing on critical issues concerning economics and the environment.

Center for Global Change * Mar 1994 - $135,000 over 2 years
University of Maryland
College Park, MD
To encourage states to broaden the concept of "sin taxes" to include pollution and energy taxes.

Clean Water Fund * Mar 1994 - $150,000
Washington, DC
To promote public support for the establishment of polluter pay fee structure to raise funds for environmental protection.

Clean Water Fund * Dec 1994 - $35,000
Washington, DC
To enlist public support for establishing a polluter pay fee structure to increase revenues for environmental quality improvements, and to incorporate the external costs of pollution in the price of production.

Eco Northwest * Jul 1994 - $40,000
Eugene, OR
To analyze management plans proposed by the U.S. Forest Service for National Forests on the east slope on the Cascades,and to analyze the economic impacts of internalizing the environmental costs of resource-extraction activities.

1,000 Friends of Florida * May 1994 - $40,000
Tallahassee, FL
To assess the linkages specific to Florida between economic development and environmental protection, and to promote sustainable solutions to these issues.

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