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Sustainable World Program

1994 Grants to Support Multilateral Climate Treaties

Climate Network Europe * Nov 1994 - $60,000
A Project of the Stockholm Environment Institute
Brussels, BELGIUM
To facilitate the coordination of European nongovernmental organizations on global climate change and related issues.

Environmental Defense Fund * Mar 1994 - $200,000 over 2 years
New York, NY
To conduct scientific research on climate change; to carry out public and policymaker education technology and policy options; and to pursue strengthening of international climate accords.

Environmental and Energy Study Institute * Mar 1994 - $100,000 over 2 years
Washington, DC
To provide educational opportunities for congressional leadership on global climate change and fiscal reform issues.

International Project for Sustainable Energy Paths * Mar 1994 - $60,000
A Project of the Natural Resources Defense Council
El Cerrito, CA
To publish and disseminate research on the economic costs of climate stabilization.

U.S. Climate Action Network * May 1994 - $50,000
A Project of the Tides Foundation
Washington, DC
To promote exchange of information on human-caused climatic disruption.

Verification Technology Information Centre * May 1994 - $51,000
To analyze technical issues critical to developing practical verification procedures under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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