W. Alton Jones Foundation

Secure World Program

1994 Grants to Dismantle Existing Nuclear Weapons

British Pugwash Trust * Mar 1994 - $25,000
For translation and distribution of the book A Nuclear-Weapon-Free World: Desirable? Feasible? into Russian, Chinese, French, German, Arabic and Swedish.

Committee for National Security * Mar 1994 - $70,000
A Project of the Lawyers Alliance for World Security
Washington, DC
For educational field visits to ten communities by national security experts promoting nuclear nonproliferation measures and supporting the extension of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology * Nov 1994 - $25,000
Department of Nuclear Engineering
Cambridge, MA
To asses the technical feasibility, nonproliferation benefits, and policy considerations of the glassification of weapons plutonium.

STAND of Amarillo * May 1994 - $25,000
Amarillo, TX
For public education about plutonium disposition, safety concerns,and environmental degradation around the Pantex Nuclear Weapons Facility.

Union of Concerned Scientists * Nov 1994 - $140,000
Cambridge, MA
To work for strengthened controls on weapon-usable fissile materials, more effective safeguards on existing stockpiles, and a multilateral ban on the production of fissile materials.

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