W. Alton Jones Foundation

Secure World Program

1994 Secure World Grants Related to Media

National Public Radio * Nov 1994 - $200,000 over 2 years
Washington, DC
For coverage of nuclear nonproliferation and other international security issues, with special focus on reporting from two new bureaus in Kiev and New Delhi.

National Security Program * May 1994 - $50,000
A Project of the Fund for Peace
New York, NY
To strengthen media coverage and enhance public understanding of nuclear weapons policy issues and of the reconfiguration of the U.S. nuclear weapons complex.

Public Education Center * May 1994 - $250,000 over 2 years
Washington, DC
To facilitate, through investigative reporting by the National Security News Service, media coverage of such issues as nuclear proliferation and testing, nuclear terrorism, weapons dismantlement, and nuclear waste.

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