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Sustainable World Program

1994 Grants to Eliminate Aquifer Contamination

Citizens Policy Center * Nov 1994 - $25,000
Cleveland, OH
For advocacy to protect Ohio's groundwater from toxic contamination by agricultural chemicals and industrial contamination.

Citizens' Environmental Coalition * Nov 1994 - $30,000
Albany, NY
To improve state efforts to protect and remediate New York's groundwater.

Greater Yellowstone Coalition * Nov 1994 - $40,000
Bozeman, MT
To oppose construction of a mine that would contaminate groundwater severely in the Yellowstone National Park region.

Northern Plains Resource Council * Nov 1994 - $30,000
Billings, MT
For advocacy to improve enforcement of groundwater protection laws in Montana.

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition * Nov 1994 - $30,000
San Jose, CA
Groundwater clean-up and pollution prevention project in Silicon Valley, CA

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