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Sustainable World Program

1994 Grants to Eliminate Contamination Affecting Children's Health
Pesticides and Endocrine Disrupters

Citizens Fund * Nov 1994 - $53,000
Washington, DC
To develop a capacity to use computer-based communication in advocacy for groundwater protection in Virginia.

Environmental Working Group * Mar 1994 - $135,000
A Project of the Tides Foundation
Washington, DC
To analyze risks created by current patterns of pesticide contamination in U.S. food and water supplies, and to inform the public about the findings.

Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education * Mar 1994 - $26,200
Los Angeles, CA
To analyze and document U.S. pesticide export practices.

INFORM * May 1994 - $15,000
New York, NY
To develop a comprehensive overview of trends in the manufacture and use of synthetic chemicals containing chlorine.

National Association of Physicians for the Environment * Mar 1994 - $100,000
Bethesda, MD
To organize medical specialty and sub-specialty organizations to support environmental protection activities related to biodiversity and air pollution.

National Campaign for Pesticide Policy Reform * Mar 1994 - $160,000
A Project of the National Audubon Society
Washington, DC
To facilitate coordination among nongovernmental organizations working to educate the public about the hazards created by inadequacies of current pesticide regulations.

Natural Resources Defense Council * Mar 1994 - $50,000
New York, NY
To analyze existing pesticide regulations and recommend improvements.

Pesticide Action Network * Mar 1994 - $60,000
North America Regional Center
San Francisco, CA
To make available via computer-based communications health and environmental data about the risks created through pesticide exposures.

Physicians for Social Responsibility * Mar 1994 - $80,000
Washington, DC
To engage physicians in public advocacy encouraging improvement of pesticide regulations.

Radio and Television News Directors Foundation * Nov 1994 - $60,000
Washington, DC
To write and distribute factual materials for editors and journalists about the impacts of environmental contaminants on children's health.

Society of Environmental Journalists * May 1994 - $63,400
Philadelphia, PA
For workshops and seminars for journalists on the science and politics of environmental protection, especially in relation to environmental factors threatening children's health.

University of Missouri * Nov 1994 - $22,680
Division of Biological Sciences
Columbia, MO
To assess through a review of relevant scientific literature the commonness of very low dose effects by contaminants.

World Resources Institute * Nov 1994 - $40,000
Washington, DC
To assess the potential impact of pesticide exposure on the ability of human immune systems to withstand disease.

Agricultural Resources Center * Mar 1994 - $22,500
Carrboro, NC
For public education highlighting the public health threats of pesticides and promoting the economic feasibility of alternatives.

California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation * Mar 1994 - $25,000
Sacramento, CA
To promote reduced use of pesticides and to present alternatives to pesticide use for the health and safety of farmers and farmworkers.

Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation * Mar 1994 - $40,000
Tallahassee, FL
For public education and hands-on work with pesticide users about the effects of pesticide run-off on Florida's natural resources.

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides * Mar 1994 - $30,000
Eugene, OR
For public education on hazards posed by pesticide use and on the practicality of alternatives.

Safer Pest Control Project * Mar 1994 - $40,000
A Project of the Illinois Environmental Council Education Fund
Chicago, IL
To provide technical assistance to local advocates on options for pesticide use reduction in Illinois.

Southern Mutual Help Association * Mar 1994 - $40,000 over 2 years
New Iberia, LA
Sustainable Agriculture / Environmental Policy Alternatives project

Washington Citizens for Resource Conservation * May 1994 - $60,000 over 2 years
Seattle, WA
To encourage markets for non-chlorine bleached paper with a "Reach for Unbleached" project.

Washington Toxics Coalition * Mar 1994 - $28,500
Seattle, WA
To promote pesticide reform in the state of Washington through groundwater education and the use of sustainable agriculture.

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