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Sustainable World Program

1995 Grants to Balance Economic and Environmental Needs

Center for Environmental Citizenship * May 1995 - $20,000
Washington, DC
To engage young people in discussions about environmental, economic and social challenges.

Center for Global Change * Nov 1995 - $150,000 over 2 years
University of Maryland
College Park, MD
To advance environmental tax reform which promotes economic well-being and ensures environmental sustainability.

Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research * May 1995 - $120,000
A Project of the Environmental Working Group at the Tides Foundation
Washington, DC
For a national information clearinghouse to collect and disseminate information on environmental backlash.

Keystone Center * Feb 1995 - $100,000
Keystone, CO
To address the problems raised by unfunded federal environmental mandates and to advance solutions.

National Wildlife Federation * Feb 1995 - $33,600
Washington, DC
For analysis and public education about government "takings" in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Wildlife Federation Trust * Nov 1995 - $68,522
New Hampshire Wildlife Trust, Inc.
Concord, NH
To hold an educational workshop and presidential candidate forum to address the federal government's appropriate role in protecting the environment.

Public Education Center * Nov 1995 - $70,000
Washington, DC
For investigative reporting in Virginia to examine efforts by government and pollution industries to undermine existing environmental protection standards.

Scenic America * Feb 1995 - $35,000
Washington, DC
To inform civic leaders nationwide about the need to balance private property rights and natural resource conservation issues.

Union of Concerned Scientists * Feb 1995 - $300,000 over 2 years
Cambridge, MA
To mobilize a network of scientists to counter misinformation about environmental science and encourage responsible media coverage of environmental issues.

The Wilderness Society * May 1995 - $100,000
Washington, DC
To build a grassroots network of citizens to advance environmental protection and to press for reform of environmentally destructive laws in the western United States.

Alabama Environmental Council * Feb 1995 - $60,000 over 2 years
Alabama Conservancy, Inc.
Birmingham, AL
To address issues raised by "takings" advocates and preserve policies which protect the environment and public health.

Columbia River Bioregional Education Project * Nov 1995 - $11,000
Orville, WA
To promote community-based environmental protection and to help counter anti-environmental efforts in the Okanogan Valley of eastern Washington.

Dakota Rural Action * Feb 1995 - $27,500
Brookings, SD
To examine the impacts of "takings" and other deregulatory proposals on local and state governments and taxpayers.

Friends of the Columbia Gorge * Nov 1995 - $30,000
Portland, OR
To promote public support of environmental protection in the Columbia River Gorge.

Idaho Conservation League * Nov 1995 - $40,000
Boise, ID
To promote public support for clean water in Idaho, and expand support for environmental protections generally.

Maine Audubon Society * Nov 1995 - $24,000
Falmouth, ME
To promote sustainable economic opportunities and to coordinate efforts in the conservation community to counter anti-environmental efforts.

Piedmont Environmental Council * Feb 1995 - $25,000
Charlottesville, VA
To educate the public and the media in Virginia about property rights and government "takings."

Vermont Natural Resources Council * May 1995 - $40,000
Montpelier, VT
To improve environmental decision-making and to counter the environmental backlash movement in Vermont.

Virginia Conservation Network * Feb 1995 - $40,000
Conservation Council of Virginia Foundation, Inc.
Richmond, VA
To analyze and monitor environmental policy and programs in Virginia, including groundwater protection and pesticide reduction.

Western Colorado Congress * May 1995 - $40,000
Montrose, CO
To build grassroots alliances for sustainable economies western Colorado.

Western Organization of Resource Councils Education Project * Nov 1995 - $30,000
Billings, MT
For public education and leadership training to protect and preserve sound environmental polices in Montana, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Idaho.

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