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Other 1995 Sustainable & Secure World Program Grants

Crossover Grants
Jointly funded by Sustainable and Secure World Programs
Student Pugwash USA * May 1995 - $40,000
Washington, DC
To expand professional development services which raise awareness of environmental and global security concerns, and to demonstrate how these concerns can be integrated into academic and professional choices.

Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship * Nov 1995 - $20,000
Washington, DC
To recruit recent college graduates to serve in fellowships at disarmament or arms control organizations in Washington, D.C..

Social Science Research Council * Nov 1995 - $65,000
New York, NY
To evaluate the involvement of foundations and other nongovernmental organizations in stimulating fundamental changes in American nuclear and security policy.

20/20 VISION Education Fund * May 1995 - $30,000
Washington, DC
To educate voters about security and environmental issues.

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