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Secure World Program

1995 Grants to Eliminate Plutonium

Center for Energy and Environmental Studies * Nov 1995 - $250,000 over 2 years
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
For an international strategy to secure and minimize the use of weapons-usable fissile materials.

Citizens' Coalition Against the Plutonium Fast-Breeder Program * Nov 1995 - $100,000
A project of the Public Media Center
Kyoto, JAPAN
For public education about Japan's plutonium utilization program and nuclear nonproliferation issues.

Citizens' Nuclear Information Center * Feb 1995 - $50,000
Nakano-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
For public education about Japan's policy of utilizing plutonium as an energy source.

Committee to Bridge the Gap * Feb 1995 - $160,000 over 2 years
Los Angeles, CA
To identify and assess emerging nuclear technologies which pose proliferation concerns.

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research * Feb 1995 - $125,000
Takoma Park, MD
To further global nonproliferation by discouraging the reprocessing and use of plutonium.

Ygdrasil Institute * Feb 1995 - $30,000
A Project of the Earth Island Institute
Georgetown, KY
To research, write and disseminate, in French and English, an analysis of the French civilian/military fissile materials cycle to help end the proliferation of plutonium.

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