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1996 Annual Report

This site presents essays and grant lists from the foundation's 1996 annual report, released in July 1997.

[1996 Cover]
Immensely positive opportunities now exist to alter the future of energy use. New technologies, new policies, and new economic incentives can all move the human economy away from a path of development that has no sustainable future, decreases global security, and increases international tensions, and instead toward a more sustainable and secure world. The 1996 annual report, while covering the full breadth of issues receiving support in the foundation's grantmaking, gives special attention to these opportunities.

A Sustainable World . . .

"Advances in efficiency, in renewable sources of energy, and in less harmful ways of using fossil fuels are more than appealing thoeretical possibilities; they are practical imperatives."

A Secure World . . .

"To achieve long-term sustainablility and security, states must employ energy technologies and services that are renewable and that avoid nuclear power's vulnerability to weapons proliferation and terrorism. In the near term, regional cooperation can help immensely in bringing interim fuels such as natural gas to energy-hungry markets."

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