W. Alton Jones Foundation

Sustainable World Program

1996 Grants to Balance Economic and Environmental Needs

Center for Conservation Biology * Feb 1996 - $200,000 over 2 years
Stanford University
Stanford, CA
To counter current environmental science backlash through policy research and through education of the public, scientists, environmentalists and the media.

Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research * May 1996 - $240,000 over 2 years
A project of the Tides Center
Washington, DC
For a national information clearinghouse to collect and disseminate information on environmental backlash.

Environmental Information Center * Feb 1996 - $175,000
Washington, DC
To engage the media, the public and policymakers in the debate over environmental issues and policies.

Ozone Action * Feb 1996 - $30,000
Washington, DC
To counter media misinformation which undermines the public debate on ozone depletion and climate change.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility * Feb 1996 - $75,000
Washington, DC
To document and verify incidents of violence and harrassment against public employees of environmental agencies and pursue legal solutions.

Great Lakes United * May 1996 - $15,000
Buffalo, NY
To serve as a resource center, clearinghouse, and training facility for local groups to counter environmental backlash in the Great Lakes region.

Institute for Washington's Future * Feb 1996 - $40,000
Seattle, WA
To demonstrate the positive relationship between conservation and economic opportunity, and to encourage religious leadership in promoting environmental protection.

Message Works * Feb 1996 - $7,500
A project of Wahington Environmental Alliance for Voter Education
Seattle, WA
To analyze the sucessful strategies used by a coalition of environmental, labor and community organizations to defeat an extreme "takings" initiative in Washington state.

1,000 Friends of Florida * May 1996 - $35,000
Tallahassee, FL
To assess public understanding in Florida of the property rights movement and to promote sustainable growth management.

People for Puget Sound* Feb 1996 - $40,000
Seattle, WA
To document and publicize the economic benefits of an environmentally healthy Puget Sound.

Progressive Leaders Project * Feb 1996 - $30,000
A Project of the Western States Center
Weddenbern, OR
To provide information and encourage community involvement in county decision-making concerning natural resource management.

Save the Dunes Council * May 1996 - $8,400
Michigan City, IN
To educate the legal community and others about the implications of "takings," and to develop strategies to counter environmental backlash.

South Carolina Coastal Conservation League * Feb 1996 - $40,000
Charleston, SC
To reduce threats to environmental protection in South Carolina and to build support for land use planning and regulatory programs that protect the environment.

Washington Environmental Alliance for Voter Education * Feb 1996 - $40,000
Seattle, WA
To improve the public outreach strategies of grassroots groups in Washington state focused on environmental protection.

Washington Environmental Council* Feb 1996 - $25,000
Seattle, WA
To develop new strategies to promote environmental protection in Washington state.

Western Colorado Congress * May 1996 - $40,000
Montrose, CO
To develop a citizens' plan for management of the San Juan National Forest that both protects forest resouces and sustains the local economy.

Western States Center * Feb 1996 - $40,000
Portland, OR
To counter environmental backlash and to monitor and expose violence against environmental activists in the western United States.

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