W. Alton Jones Foundation

Sustainable World Program

1996 Grants to Develop Renewable Energy Policy in Developing Countries

Batelle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory * Nov 1996 - $125,000
Washington, DC
To protect the environment and reduce the risk of nuclear proliferation by encouraging the use of alternative energy sources in China and discouraging the use of nuclear and coal-fired power.

Center for Energy and Environmental Studies * May 1996 - $200,000 over 2 years
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
To identify long-term solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions while simaltaneously promoting economic development in emerging economies.

Committee to Bridge the Gap * Feb 1996 - $58,300
Los Angeles, CA
To advance policy efforts in the former Soviet Union to encourage energy efficiency and reduce reliance on Soviet-era atomic power.

World Resources Institute * Nov 1996 - $84,000
Washington, DC
To encourage the development of a renewable energy industry in Brazil.

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