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Secure World Program

1996 Grants to Dismantle Existing Nuclear Weapons

Center for Strategic and International Studies * May 1996 - $50,000
Washington, DC
To assess and promote the implications of the "revolution in military affairs," particularly how budgetary considerations and conventional force alternatives may create strong U.S. interests in eliminating nuclear weapons.

Council on Foreign Relations * Nov 1996 - $50,000
New York, NY
To enourgage and help inform a fundamental review of the U.S. nuclear posture.

Federation of American Scientists Fund * Feb 1996 - $200,000 over two years
Washington, DC
To advance approaches to resolve several major proliferation dangers, with particular emphasis on limiting the spread of ballistic missiles and anti-missile systems.

International Security Information Service * May 1996 - $10,000
University of Bradford
To produce and disseminate to policymakers in the British government a guide to nuclear policy options, with emphasis on furthering disarmament and anuclear arms control.

STAND of Amarillo * May 1996 - $50,000 over two years
Amarillo, TX
For public education about plutonium disposition, safety concerns and environmental degradation around the Pantex Nuclear Weapons Facility in Texas.

The Nation Institute * Feb 1996 - $25,000
New York, NY
For a special issue of The Nation on the political and technical feasibility of eliminating nuclear weapons, to include contributions by military and political leaders of the U.S., Russia and other nations.

Oak Ridge Education Project * May 1996 - $25,000
A project of the Foundation for Global Sustainability
Knoxville, TN
For public education about nuclear weapons dismantlement, disposition and environmental restoration at the Oak Ridge Nuclear Reservation in Tennessee.

Union of Concerned Scientists * Nov 1996 - $150,000
Cambridge, MA
To promote permanent nuclear weapon reductions, restrictions on ballistic missile defense systems, control of weapon-usable materials, and international nonproliferation goals.

Verification Technology Information Centre * May 1996 $68,500
To examine verifcation strategies for a nuclear-weapon-free world which would ensure compliance of all states in eliminating nuclear weapons.

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