W. Alton Jones Foundation

Secure World Program

1996 Grants to Stop Development, Production and Testing of Nuclear Weapons

Los Alamos Study Group * Nov 1996 - $40,000
Santa Fe, NM
To draw public attention to the health and environmental effects of nuclear weapons research and development activities at los Alamos national Laboratory.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology * Nov 1996 - $240,000 over two years
Cambridge, MA
To provide technical analyses of proposals for deep reductions in U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons arsenals and ballistic missile defense programs.

Henry L. Stimson Center * Feb 1996 - $190,000
Washington, DC
To encourage implementation of confidence-building measures and nourish cooperative security relations among China, India and Pakistan.

Pakistan Security and Development Association * May 1996 - $40,000
Islamabad, PAKISTAN
For workshops on nuclear weapon and security issues in South Asia with Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, and American participation.

Centre for European Security and Disarmament * May 1996 - $40,000
Brussels, BELGIUM
To monitor and disseminate information on nuclear weapons and related security policies of NATO and other European secuurity institutions.

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