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Other 1996 Sustainable & Secure World Program Grants

Crossover Grants
Jointly funded by Sustainable and Secure World Programs
Student Pugwash USA * May 1996 - $70,000 over two years
Washington, DC
To promote careers in public interest science and policymaking among young professionals, emphasizing environmental and globel security concerns.

Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship * Nov 1996 - $25,000
Washington, DC
To recruit recent college graduates to serve in fellowships at disarmament or arms control organizations in Washington, DC

Harvard Sussex Program * Nov 1996 - $25,000
Cambridge, MA
To develop and promote a draft convention criminalizing any individual's knowing involvement in the development, production, acquisition, transfer or use of biological and chemical weapons.

National Security Archive * May 1996 - $100,000
A Project of the Fund for Peace
Washington, DC
To epromote declassificaiton and broad dissemination of U.S. government documents on nuclear weapons issues, with a focus on weapons proliferation in China, India and Pakistan.

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