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1996 Grants to Address the Disposition of Nuclear Waste

Citizen Alert * May 1995 - $30,000
Las Vegas, NV
For public education on nuclear weapons testing and nuclear waste storage issues in Nevada.

Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety * May 1996 - $40,000
Las Vegas, NV
For public education about nuclear weapons and nuclear waste contamination issues in New Mexico through weekly radio news broadcasts, a 24-hour hotline, and newsletter.

Fernald Residents for Environmental Safety and Health * Feb 1996 - $6,000
Ross, OH
For public education about the health and environmental problems associated with the Fernald nuclear weapons facility in Ohio.

Hanford Education Action League * Nov 1996 - $20,000
Spokane, WA
For research and public education about the public health and environmental effects of nuclear weapons production and associated waste management at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington.

Krasnoyarsk Regional Environmental Movement * Feb 1996 - $15,000
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
For a conference in Krasnoyarsk on the proliferation, environmental and public health dangers of reprocessing spent nuclear fuel..

Nashville Peace Action * Feb 1996 - $15,000
Nashville, TN
For public education about the environmental, health, economic and security impacts of continued nuclear weapons production at the Oak Ridge facility in Tennessee.

Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force * Feb 1996 - $30,000
Las Vegas, NV
To provide information about and promote citizen involvement in decisions regarding the storage and disposition of nuclear waste.

Nuclear Information and Resource Service * Nov 1996 - $20,000
Washington, DC
To encourage citizen participation in and oversight of nuclear industry policies for disposal of radioactive waste.

Nuclear Waste Citizens' Coalition * May 1996 - $43,900
A project of the Public Citizen Foundation
Washington, DC
To coordinate the efforts of nongovernmental organizations to monitor reprocessing of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel in the United States.

Rocky Mountain Peace Center * Nov 1996 - $15,000
Boulder, CO
To ensure safe storage and disposition of plutonium and radioactive waste, and to advocate for responsible clean-up of Rocky Flats, a former nuclear weapons production facility.

Snake River Alliance Education Fund * Feb 1996 - $30,000
Boise, ID
For public education efforts about the transporation, storage and potential reprocessing of nuclear waste at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory.

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