W. Alton Jones Foundation

Sustainable World Program

1996 Grants to Eliminate Environmental Factors Contributing to Asthma, Including Air Pollution

Alternatives for Community and Environment * Nov 1996 - $40,000
Roxbury, MA
To engage inner-city residents in preventing asthma, reducing air pollution, and advocating for cleaner air in their community.

Environmental Health Coalition * Nov 1996 - $50,000 over 2 years
San Diego, CA
To organize minority communities to protect children from exposure to industrial toxins in their neighborhoods.

Galveston - Houston Association for Smog Prevention * Nov 1996 - $40,000
Houston, TX
To address air pollution in Houston through citizen education and technical and legal research.

Natural Resources Council of Maine * Nov 1996 - $30,000
Natural Resources Council, Inc.
Augusta, ME
To promote policy reform to reduce air pollution in New England through outreach to the medical community, children's advocacy groups, and the media.

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