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1997 Annual Report

This site presents essays and grant lists from the foundation's 1997 annual report, released in July 1998.

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A Sustainable World . . .

"During the last few decades, humans have emerged as a new force of nature. We are modifying physical, chemical and biological systems in new ways, at faster rates, and over larger spatial scales than ever recorded on Earth. Humans have unwittingly embarked upon a grand experiment with our planet. The outcome of this experiment is unknown, but has profound implications for all of life on Earth."

Lubchencio, J. 1998. Entering the Century of the Environment: a new social contract for science. Science 279: 491-497.

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A Secure World . . .

"[Belief in nuclear deterrance and the notion that greater numbers of nuclear weapons mean stronger security] cannot and should not be lightly dismissed or discounted. Strong arguments can be made on their behalf. Throughout my professional military career, I shared them, I professed them and I put them into operational practice. And now it is my burden to declare with all the conviction I can muster that in my judgment they served us extremely ill. They account for the most severe risks and the most extravagant costs of the U.S.-Soviet confrontation. They spawned an endless cycle of new and more destructive nuclear devices and delivery systems. They gave rise to mammoth bureaucracies with gargantuan appetites and sweeping agendas. They incited primal emotions, spurred zealotry and demagoguery and set in motion forces of ungovernable scope and power. Most importantly these enduring beliefs, and the fears that underlie them, perpetuate Cold War policies and practices that make no strategic sense. They continue to entail enormous costs and expose all mankind to unconscionable dangers. I find that intolerable, and therefore I cannot stay silent. I know too much of these matters, the frailties, the flaws, the failures of policy and practice."

General Lee Butler (USAF-Ret.), former Commander in Chief of the U.S. Strategic Command, from a speech titled "Lessons from the Cold War: A Personal View," made in Wellington, New Zealand, October 1, 1997.

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