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Sustainable World Program

1997 Grants for Maintaining Biodiversity in the Pantanal/Parana-Paraguay River Basin

Ecologia e Açao * May 1997 - $35,000
Ecology and Action
Campo Grande, MS, BRAZIL
To develop activities in defense of the Pantanal, focusing on providing information and harnessing public opinion against the Paraguay-Parana Hidrovia project.

Instituto Centro de Vida * May 1997 - $35,000
Life Center Institute
To undertake a broad-based communications strategy to increase the awareness level in the State of Mato Grosso about the Hydrovia project, other threats to the preservation of the Panatanal and additional environmental issues.

International Rivers Network * May 1997 - $75,000
Berkeley, CA
To improve cooperative efforts to protect the Pantanal and other wetlands, and diminish the potential size and impact of the Hidrovia and associated transport projects.

Rios Vivos, Coalizao Parana Paraguay Prata * May 1997 - $50,000
A Project of Ecologia e Açao
Campo Grande, MS, BRAZIL
To strengthen the Executive Secretariat and improve internal communications among committee members to improve sterategies for protection of the Panatanal and other critical ecosystems.

Sobrevivencia * May 1997 - $30,000
Asuncion, PARAGUAY
To promote international public awareness and build local and organizational strength for the defense of environmental quality in the Paraguay and upper Parana River basins.

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