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Sustainable World Program

1997 Grants to Support the Climate and Multilateral Climate Treaties

Center for International Environmental Law * May 1997 - $75,000
Washington, DC
To complete an assesment of joint implementation (JI) forest projects to determine whether sequestering carbon through JI is an appropriate and viable means to help developed countries fulfill their obligations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Environmental Media Services * Feb, 1997 - $40,000
Washington, DC
To design and implement a media campaign to promote "The Heat is On" and its findings to national print and broadcast media and in selected markets around the country.

Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development * Feb 1997 - $50,000
To provide assistance to the Alliance of Small Island States during the negotiations of a legally binding protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Kiko Forum * May 1997 - $50,000
To focus local, regional, and international media on the Third Meeting of the Conference of Parties to the Climate Change Convention (COP-3) and to educate the public about the need for the Japanese government to play a leadership role in the COP-3 negotiations.

National Environmental Trust (Formerly Environmental Information Center) * Feb. 1997 - $250,000
Washington, DC
To educate the media, public, and policy makers on the impacts of climate change and climate change mitigation strategies.

Ozone Action * Feb. 1997 - $40,000
Washington, DC
To educate the public, policymakers, the media and elected officials on climate change and to enable the dissemination of critical information to decision makers.

Atmosphere Alliance * May 1997 - $30,000
A project of the Earth Island Institute
Olympia, WA
To build multi-sector networks in the Northwest to change policies and attract pro-climate investment in an effort to reduce fossil fuel burning.

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