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Sustainable World Program

1998 Grants to Promote Renewable Energy in Developing Countries

Alliance to Save Energy
Washington, DC $106,000
To decrease energy consumption in China using energy-efficient technologies and services.

Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, Princeton University
Princeton, NJ $65,000
To encourage biomass power generation serving village-scale markets in China.

Dakota Resource Council Education Project
Dickinson, ND $25,000
To advocate development of clean energy sources in North Dakota.

Environmental Defense Fund
New York, NY $100,000
To build community support for a busway system in Los Angeles, California.

International Institute for Energy Conservation
Washington, DC $112,000
To foster a renewable-energy market in Asia by linking manufacturers with financiers, distributors and wholesale dealers, local retailers, service providers and end users.

Iowa Citizen Action Network Education Foundation
Des Moines, IA $25,000
To promote increased use of "home grown" renewable-energy resources.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, CA $80,000
To promote energy-efficient building design, construction and operations in China.

Learning from Curitiba
Los Angeles, CA $286,000
To promote public understanding of the benefits for Los Angeles of implementing busways based on the experience of Curitiba, Brazil.

Natural Resources Defense Council
New York, NY $300,000
To develop a model energy project in Chongqing, China, that will help guide energy policy development and investment.

Nebraska Citizen Action Education Fund
Lincoln, NE $25,000
To promote the economic and environmental benefits of investing in the state's renewable resources.

The Regeneration Project
San Francisco, CA $40,000
To encourage Episcopal Church bodies and parishioners in California and Massachusetts to implement energy- efficiency measures and choose clean sources of electricity.

Texas Citizen Fund
Austin, TX $30,000
To coordinate activities of the Texas Sustainable Energy and Economic Development Coalition in promoting renewable energy.

World Resources Institute
Washington, DC $400,000
To initiate a collaborative project working with transportation, energy and health policy experts in China, Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

World Resources Institute
Washington, DC $200,000
To build local partnerships in Brazil, Colombia and Central America supporting new business formation in the renewable-energy sector.

World Wide Fund for Nature
Beijing, China $200,000
To conduct business development training for renewable energy entrepreneurs, managers and technicians in China.

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