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Barcelona, hotels, places to see

Barcelona is the capital city of the Catalonian province of Spain and the second largest city of the country. This vibrant city that evokes in their minds the glory of an Olympics Games venue can be best enjoyed after residing at the cosy Hcc Montblanc. With rich history enriched by numerous invasions and visits by foreigners, this cosmopolitan has many things in store for tourists to enjoy. The past remnants of Barcelona asevident from Barcelona's most splendid Gothic and modernista buildings can be witnessed from the comforts of the various Barcelona hotels available nearby, did you hear about Hotel H10 Metropolitan BarcelonaSo if you want to take a twist of the Flamenco or a stroll by the sun-kissed shores just get booked to any Barcelona hotel of your choice and enjoy!! Barcelona is a thriving commercial hub with a teeming population of around 4.5 million people. Situated by the banks of rivers Llobregat and Besòs, and surrounded by hotels in Barcelona the aesthetic city landscape overlooks the Pyrenees mountain range to create aspectacular scenic beauty.

Tourists over the ages have loved taking a stroll by the tree-lined boulevard of Les Rambles, sneaking in to the world-famous opera house El Liceu while in Barcelona. Gorging at the food market of La Boqueria available near the hotels in Barcelona is also entertaining. Also visiting the Plaça Reial or breezing past the florists, bird sellers, street entertainers, and cafeterias provides solace to thirsty souls. Barcelona Hcc Montblanc hotel, with all its beauty, remains a travel's temptation and a visitor's vanity.