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The Woods Hole Research Center

The Woods Hole Research Center addresses the great issues of environment through scientific research and education and through application of science in public affairs. Our purpose is discovery and management, formulating principles of ecology that govern nature and helping people to live within the limits of nature. Our tools are research and education and our object is better management of the common resources of life, air, water and land. Our subject is ecology, applied to the universal interest of a habitable earth.

Recent Jones Foundation grants to The Woods Hole Research Center:

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The Woods Hole Research Institute * May 1997 - $200,000. To further sustainable management of boreal forests through calculating rates of change in primary forest cover over the past twenty years for selected regions of the Former Soviet Union.

The Woods Hole Research Institute * Feb. 1995 - $200,000. To expand their global forest inventory by measuring the area of forests in eastern Siberia and to provide counsel and technical assistance to the newly established the World Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development.

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The consensus statement from the June 19, 1995 workshop at which over 100 environmental leaders discussed strategies for improved integration and utilization of electronic networking and publishing technologies.

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