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Guidelines and Application Procedures

The foundation works principally through foundation-initiated programs addressing its program priorities. Proposals not directed toward these issues are unlikely to be funded.

The following list provides detail on the programs and initiatives that the foundation is currently funding. Each section is linked to it respective location within the Jones Foundation's Web site. Please read the information in the appropriate section of this site to ensure that your project falls within the foundation's funding guidelines.

Seeks to build a sustainable society and support biological diversity on earth.

Maintain Biodiversity
  • In two watersheds:
    • The Amazon River and its tributaries
    • Pantanal and the Paraná/Paraguay River system
  • In two forest ecosystems:
    • The northwest Pacific rim including the US Pacific northwest, British Columbia, Alaska and Siberia
    • The eastern US
  • Through international agreements and treaties related to biodiversity and forests
  • By promoting the understanding and economic value of biodiversity
Promote Economics for a Sustainable Planet
  • Create models that assess the full cost of human activity on the planet
  • Balance economic and environmental needs
  • Promote environmentally sound policies at the multilateral development banks
Develop New Sources of Energy that Reduce Global Climate Disruption Impacts
  • Promote a hydrogen economy
  • Develop and deploy renewable energy in China, Brazil, India and the United States
  • Encourage solutions to the nexus of health, transportation and energy problems in
  • Megacities within the US, China, Mexico and Brazil
  • Support multinational efforts to protect the global climate
Eliminate Systemic Contamination
  • Protecting children from environmental threats to their health
  • Reducing risks caused by pesticides and endocrine disrupters
Environmental Media
  • Promote and develop environmental law and media activities that complement the Foundation's Sustainable World grantmaking

Seeks to build a secure world, free from the nuclear threat.

Promote Common Security
  • Global strategy
  • Specific regions:
    • Europe
    • Russia
    • Northeast Asia (Korea, China, Japan)
    • South Asia (India, Pakistan, China)
    • Middle East
Prevent Massive Release of Radioactive Material
  • Eliminate plutonium
  • Prevent nuclear accidents
  • Prevent nuclear terrorism
Eliminate Nuclear Weapons
  • Stop development, production and testing
  • Prevent proliferation
  • Prevent use
  • Dismantle existing weapons
Assess the Full Costs of Being a Nuclear State
  • Economic
  • Societal

In addition to the above categories, the Secure World program supports media programs designed to promote the work of grantees.

Through an Energy for Peace initiative, the Secure and Sustainable World programs cooperate to support efforts to promote renewable energy technologies and efficiency as substitutes for reliance on nuclear power in regions prone to nuclear weapon proliferation.

Letter of Inquiry: Before submitting a proposal, a letter of inquiry should be sent to the foundation describing the goals of the project and summarizing, in brief, the means by which these goals will be met and the amount of funding to be requested. The letter should be no more than two pages in length. The foundation responds to all inquiries.

Proposal: Specifics to be included in the proposal will be provided if, in response to an inquiry, a proposal is invited.

Limitations: A combination of federal laws and board policy precludes the foundation from making grants or loans to the following:

  • For non-charitable activities
  • To private individuals or to organizations that pass funds on to others
  • For building construction or renovation
  • For scholarships, endowment, or basic research

Applications to fund conferences, for general support, or for international exchanges are not encouraged.

Send letters of inquiry to:

Sustainable World Program:
Secure World Program:

Electronic mail is the preferred delivery method. Documents may be included in the body of the message or as attachments. If you need to send a paper inquiry, send it by regular mail and address it to:

W. Alton Jones Foundation
232 East High Street
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902-5718
Attn: Sustainable World Program
or Secure World Program

Fax: 1.804.295.1648

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