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Go to the British American Security Information Council Web Site
Go to British American Security Information Council's Web site

British American Security Information Council (BASIC) works in five main issue ares:

  • Perspectives on National Missile Defense: Trans-Atlantic views on the United States' plans for a National Missile Defense System.
  • European Security: seeking to move towards cooperative security regimes that encourage stability.
  • Nuclear Futures: BASIC focuses its nuclear work on the goal of a nuclear-weapon free world.
  • Weapons Trade: conventional weapons - particularly light weapons - are responsible for most deaths in conflicts.
  • The Network on European and Transatlantic Security: NETS is a coalition of experts and organizations focusing on security policy questions confronting Europe.

Recent Jones Foundation grants to BASIC

1998 - $350,000. For expansion of their program on European security.

1998 - $400,000. To advocate comprehensive risk reduction strategies for NATO, the US, and Europe on a full range of security issues.

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