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Grassroots Organizations supported by
the Sustainable World Program:

Maintain Biodiversity

In the Northwest Pacific rim including the US Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and Alaska and Siberia:

Alaska Conservation Foundation
Audubon Society of Portland
Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
British Columbia Environmental Network Education Fund
The David Suzuki Foundation
Friends of Elk River
Gifford Pinchot Task Force
Kettle Range Conservation Group
Klamath Forest Alliance
Northwest Ecosystem Alliance
Oregon Natural Resources Council Fund
Pacific Rivers Council
Round River Conservation Studies
Sierra Club of British Columbia
Silva Forest Foundation
Siskiyou Regional Education Project
Umpqua Watersheds
Valhalla Wilderness Society

Through international agreements and treaties related to biodiversity and forests:

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Promote Economics for A Sustainable Planet

Create economic models that assess the full cost of human activity on the planet:

Energy Outreach Center
Health Access Foundation
Maine Center for Economic Policy
Oregon Environmental Council
Redefining Progress
Vermont Natural Resources Council

Balance economic and environmental needs:

Alabama Environmental Council
Idaho Conservation League
Maine Audubon Society
Natural Resources Council of Maine
Oregon League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
South Carolina Coastal Conservation League
Washington Environmental Alliance for Voter Education
Western Organization of Resource Councils
Western States Center

Develop New Sources of Energy that Reduce Global Climate Change Impacts

General Grants:

Alliance for Affordable Energy
Atmosphere Alliance
The Regeneration Project
Tennessee Valley Energy Education Foundation
Texas Fund for Energy & Environmental Education

Implement energy-efficient solutions for urban transportation in the United States, China, Mexico and Brazil:

Iowa Citizen Action Network Education Foundation

Eliminate Systemic Contamination:

General Grant

Alternatives for Community and Environment
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now
Communities for a Better Environment
Environment and Human Health
Environmental Advocates
Galveston-Houston Association for Smog Prevention
Louisiana Environmental Action Network
Ohio Environmental Council
San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners

In Areas Affecting the Health of Children
Pesticides and endocrine disrupters:

Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice
Center for Safer Pest Management
Citizens for a Better Environment
Community Alliance with Family Farmers Foundation
Iowa Environmental Council
Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation
Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group Education Fund
New York Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
New York Healthy Schools Network
New York PIRG Fund
Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
Western Environmental Law Center

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