W. Alton Jones Foundation

Application Procedures

Application Procedures:

The Foundation limits applications for grants to several specific program areas. Most of the Foundation's grantmaking occurs through Foundation-initiated programs. Unsolicited inquiries are considered, although proposals not directed toward the Foundation's priorities, are unlikely to be funded.

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Letter of Inquiry:

Before submitting a proposal, a letter of inquiry should be sent to the Foundation describing the goals of the project and summarizing, in brief, the means by which these goals will be met and the amount of funding to be requested. The letter should be no more than two pages in length. The Foundation responds to all inquiries.


Specifics to be included in the proposal will be provided if, in response to an inquiry, a proposal is invited.


A combination of federal laws and board policy precludes the Foundation from making grants or loans for the following: Applications to fund conferences, for general support, or for international exchanges are not encouraged.

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