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Wherever we go today... we will be using products from Microsoft, Compaq, & Lotus

Hardware & Software Vendors

Cheyenne Software
CFW Communications - Provides WAJF's desktop WWW access via DSL
Hewlett Packard - Printing and Imaging
Lotus Notes R5
MicroEdge, Gifts for Windows
Microsoft NT Server Support
Microsoft Site Builder Workshop
Microsoft SQL
Microsoft Windows 95/98 & NT
WinZip, Niko Mak Computing

Other resources:

c|net 100 - c|net's Top 100 CD-ROMs
download.com - c|net's software clearinghouse
LAN Times
The Network Observer - Home of Phil Agre and the Red Rock Eater News Service
news.com - c|net's technology news page
Allaire's HomeSite Web Page Editor - Used to maintain these pages
shareware.com - c|net's shareware clearinghouse
U.S. Department of Energy's Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC)
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