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Natural Resources Council of Maine

So they were a little too comfy.

Set in their ways.

Somewhat stubborn.

so-don't-fix-it types.

In fact, thanks to a creative information services manager, Natural Resources Council of Maine already had an impressive network up and running. Working hard. Internal e-mail delivered like a charm. But NRCM needed Internet access and no suitable, affordable gateway could be found.

The only way in? A new internal mail package.

Resistance to change was high. So high that they stuck with the legacy system. Or, rather, they were stuck with it.

Ridership was down, but not out.
Need is the great motivator. Just six months later, NRCM's demand for individual Internet e-mail accounts spurred fast action by the Circuit Rider. Two days to install and configure a new e-mail system with an Internet gateway.

Presto. Every NRCM user had a unique Internet address. But we didn't stop there. By also helping NRCM to configure an add-on e-mail infobot, we equipped their e-mail system to reply to requests for information. Automatically.

"...demand for individual Internet accounts spurred fast action by the Circuit Rider."

Introduced to tcn by way of the Circuit Rider, NRCM joined tcn as a member of the Co-op, and then appealed for other communications technology assistance. For example, NRCM wanted tcn to show them the ropes of high tech advocacy. So at tcn's suggestion, NRCM set up an 800-number into their offices. Subsequently, they mounted a campaign to oppose the widening of the Maine Turnpike and urged protesters to call in their opposition toll free. Hundreds called. But their protests didn't stop at NRCM's headquarters. They were high-tech-transferred directly to the Governor's office.

Legislators got the message. The bill failed.

tcn also provided another direct benefit to NRCM. By buying long distance through tcn's group purchasing program, NRCM will save at least 25% over their previous vendor's bill.

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