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Coalition for Clean Air (CCA)

Come on lambykins. Mama's little precious wants one more mouthful of kumquats, now doesn't he? No he doesn't. And to prove it, he hurls his dinner bowl clear across the room. Sometimes it's best to admit your limitations.

The Coalition for Clean Air had a staff of four. A single e-mail account. A few mid-range computers. One modem hook-up. Tremendous zeal. And precious little time to spare.

So did we have anything to offer CCA? Of course we did. But we knew better than to press them too hard. The Circuit Rider focused on basic Internet training and technical troubleshooting. He laid more than a few Macintosh problems to rest. He showed them how they could send faxes directly from their computers. And he left CCA staff with a clear understanding of how their Internet software worked.

Less is still more.

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