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Circuit Riders:

Pioneers in Non-Profit Networking

or the circuit riders of old, the unexpected came to be expected. They traversed uncharted territory. Slept under the stars. Ate jerky and jackrabbits. Romanced their horses. Shot a rattler or two. Crossed many a gulch. And kicked up plenty of dust. All in the name of connecting point a with point b.

Life for the W. Alton Jones Foundation Circuit Rider was not that different. Yes, he ate better. Slept inside. And avoided horseplay as far as we know. But the terrain he covered was as diverse and unpredictable as that of his namesake. This is the story of where he stopped, what he saw, when he faltered, how he coped, and why it worked.

A case study by tcn of the Low Emission Vehicles and Zero Emission Vehicles (LEV-ZEV)
grantees of the W. Alton Jones Foundation.
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