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Why a LEV-ZEV Networking Project?

["Why Tailpipe emissions have long been a cause célebrè of environmentalists. By early 1995, California, Massachusetts and New York had taken action to curtail car pollution. They'd passed mandates requiring annually escalating percentages of emission-free car sales. Other states were showing similar inclinations. In fact, a consortium of Atlantic coast states were pursuing region-wide initiatives aimed at lowering air pollution. Its goal? Trim allowable pollutants emitted by cars and other sources.

Naturally, the advocates who supported these mandates and initiatives did not go unopposed. The automobile and oil industries quickly mounted a counter offensive.

Davids were challenging Goliaths and the future looked uncertain. But help was on the way.

The W. Alton Jones Foundation (WAJF), major funders of low- and zero-emission vehicle (LEV-ZEV) advocates, saw the futility of nonprofit advocates taking on mighty corporate giants. They wanted to help level the playing field at the very least but how? WAJF did an honest assessment of the LEV-ZEV community and concluded that its weakest link was communication. WAJF saw that to do battle, much less win the battle, clean air proponents needed to form a strong network. A network that would enable advocates to share information. Both internally and externally. More efficiently and more effectively. Without a strong network, WAJF concluded that the ZEV mandates would face inevitable defeat.

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