Project Credits

Jeremy Edes Pierotti - The Circuit Rider

The W. Alton Jones Foundation and tcn wish to offer special thanks to Jeremy Edes Pierotti. The Circuit Rider who combined technical know-how and political savviness, with tremendous patience and a great sense of humor. Thanks for making the project a success. Our cowboy hats go off to you. Happy Trails.

[Report Cover] Circuit Riders: Pioneers in Non-Profit Networking—Published October 1996

Circuit Riders was produced by the W. Alton Jones Foundation (WAJF) & tcn

Key project staff

Layout and design of printed version by Jon Walker Graphic Design
Phone: 304-725-6971

Illustrations by Jon Walker and Mark Fertig

Concept and copy by Bill Holleman of Slidesmanship
Phone: 202-544-0232

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