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Last updated: March 4, 1998

Technical Assistance

tcn, Arlington, VA
ONE/Northwest, Seattle, WA
Electronic Activism Page - Computer & Internet advice
Rockefeller Technology Project, Philadelphia, PA
Desktop Assistance, Bozeman, MT
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Electronic Networking Alliance, Winston Salem, NC

Publications & Articles on Electronic Networking

Harnessing the Information Revolution
W. Alton Jones Foundation report from an environmental community leadership workshop
The consensus statement from the June 19, 1995 workshop at which over 100 environmental leaders discussed strategies for improved integration and utilization of electronic networking and publishing technologies.
"The Virtual Environment" By Jim Motavalli
E/The Environmental Magazine, June 1996, Vol VII, Number 3
"Green groups and businesses, usually distrustful of technology, are setting up shop online, taking the environmental battle to a place its never been before--cyberspace. It's enough to give a Luddite nightmares!"
Circuit Riders: Pioneers in Non-Profit Networking - Home of this resource page!
A report from the W. Alton Jones Foundation (WAJF) and tcn that demonstrates how technical assistance "Circuit Riders" can be a very successful way to promote the more effective use of technology in the non-profit sector.

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