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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - February 28, 2002


The W. Alton Jones Foundation is in the process of restructuring.  Prior to conducting any new business and throughout its reorganization, the Foundation is honoring all commitments to existing grantees.  Closing out these grants is a priority and is in process now.  


The endowment of the W. Alton Jones Foundation is to be distributed among three new charitable organizations headed by members of the Jones family.  These new organizations are still under development and will not be in a position to review new grant applications for some time.


Mission statements are being developed which, when finalized, will be communicated by each foundation.  Full details of each of the new organizations, contact information,  and grant application guidelines will be publicly announced as soon as these are available.


 "While we are gratified by the great interest in these new organizations, we are neither equipped nor staffed to handle inquiries at this time", said Diane Edgerton Miller, the President and CEO of the W. Alton Jones Foundation.  "We hope prospective grant applicants will be patient with us.  We look forward to hearing from them when we are in a better position to respond to their proposals."


If you have information pertaining to outstanding grant commitments, please send email to


Please address all other correspondence to:

W. Alton Jones Foundation

433 Park St.

Charlottesville, VA



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