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Assessing the Costs of Becoming a Nuclear State

American citizens spent $5.5 trillion between 1942 and 1996 to build, deploy, maintain, and clean up after the US nuclear arsenal. This figure continues to grow as the United States discovers the true costs of clean-up and seeks to manage the arsenal into the future.

Secrecy, nonaccountability, and inattention to costs were rampant during the Cold War and continue today, with revelations of abuses of public trust emerging in the United States and Russia on a daily basis. Meanwhile, countries such as India and Pakistan are on the verge of assuming the tremendous social, economic and environmental liabilities that go with building and deploying nuclear weapons.

Believing that the public and policymakers should have the fullest information possible, the foundation supports efforts to uncover, analyze and publicly discuss data related to the costs of nuclear weapons in the United States, Russia, and worldwide.

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