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Eliminate Plutonium

Prevent Nuclear Accidents

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Eliminate Plutonium

Why is it

Access to fissile materials--plutonium and highly enriched uranium--is the major barrier to nuclear proliferation. Plutonium is hard to produce and can be deadly to humans, even in tiny quantities. The use of plutonium to fuel nuclear power plants increases the possibility of human exposure or diversion to those seeking to develop nuclear weapons.

What needs to
be done?

Russia, Britain, France, and Japan need to cease plutonium recycling.

Countries need to develop safe and secure methods for disposing of plutonium from nuclear weapons that do not contribute to proliferation risks.

The United States should maintain the separation of military and civilian uses of plutonium.

Who is working on it?

Alliance for Nuclear Accountability

Citizens Coalition Against the Plutonium Fast-Breeder Program

Safe Energy Communication Council

Nuclear Control Institute

Managing the Atom

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