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Why is it

As NATO expands and Europe moves toward a more unified defense system, the question of nuclear weapons becomes more acute.

NATO policy still relies on the threat to initiate use of nuclear weapons, despite ambivalence of many European members, and the development of a French-British nuclear force has been discussed. Europe is well situated-politically, historically and geographically-to advance common security.

There is growing European ambivalence about NATO's nuclear first-use policy and orientation. NATO policies will effect Russia's nuclear weapons policies.

What needs to
be done?

European states should reject NATO's nuclear first-use policy and eliminate NATO nuclear weapons from Europe.

The U.K. and France should be encouraged to phase-out their nuclear forces.

European state's leadership in international disarmament and nonproliferation efforts should be fortified and encouraged.

Who is working on it?

Anti-Militaristies Onderzoeks Kollektief

Berliner Informationszentrum für Transatlantische Sicherheit

Centre for European Security and Disarmament

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