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Prevent Use of Nuclear Weapons

Why is it

The use of a single nuclear weapon would cause untold damage. Thousands of nuclear weapons in the U.S. and Russia remain on hair-trigger alert, increasing the possibility of accidental or inadvertent use or rapid escalation of a conflict.

What needs to
be done?

To reduce the risks of accidental nuclear war or unwanted nuclear escalating in a crisis, nuclear forces must be taken of hair-trigger alert.

Policies of nuclear weapons, such as, no-first-use, that reduce the role of nuclear weapons should be pursued. Likewise, the use and possession of nuclear weapons should be further delegitimized.

Cooperative warning systems and procedures need to be established to reassure all countries that they will not be subjected to a surprise nuclear attack. States that fear such an attack may be prone to dangerously skittish behavior.

Who is working on it?

Lawyers Alliance for World Security

Back from the Brink

Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, Princeton University

Federation of American Scientists

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