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Why is it

Russia maintains nuclear weapons targeted on the United States. The eroding economic and social regime in Russia has led to weakened controls over nuclear materials and know-how.

In order to achieve a true end to the Cold War, the U.S. and Russia must develop a relationship based on cooperation, in which threats to destroy the other with nuclear weapons have no place.

Russia must be reassured that no other stat will take advantage of its military weakness.

What needs to
be done?

Russia needs to develop an independent analytic capability to support development of cost-effective and cooperative security policies, and to influence policymakers.

Russian and US reprocessing and plutonium fuel programs need to be halted and new approaches developed.

The nuclear complex in Russia needs to be downsized with minimal employment disruption.

Who is working on it?

Russian-American Nuclear Security Advisory Council

Center for Energy & Environmental Studies at Princeton University

PIR-Center for Policy Studies in Russia

Center for Arms Control, Energy, and Environment, Moscow


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