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Energy And Climate

Energy from fossil fuels has been at the core of economic growth and human prosperity for over a century. It has brought great wealth to some, benefits to many.

Scientific research now tells us the hydrocarbon basis of our energy economy has come with a cost: growing, potentially disruptive changes in the global climate. The earth's temperature is warming. Extreme weather events are increasing in frequency. Sea level is rising. While these changes may seem mild initially, the potential for cataclysmic disruption is very real. The consequences for human society, indeed for all life on the planet, could be catastrophic.

Fortunately, there are feasible solutions that can be implemented now to reduce the impact of energy use on the climate without economic dislocation. Indeed, the evolution to an economy based on renewables and hydrogen can bring great economic advantages.

The foundation supports efforts that encourage new, climate-friendly energy development, in the United States and key developing countries

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