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Creating Economic Models Assessing True Environmental and Social Costs

Balancing Economics and the Environment

Reforming International Financial Institutions

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Balancing Economics and the Environment

Why is it
important ?

It is a common but inaccurate perception is that environmental protection is incompatible with economic development.

This misperception has often been fueled by selfish interests attempting to advance their own gains at social and environmental costs to the community.

Community prosperity depends upon careful balancing of environmental, social, and economic resources. They are mutually supportive.

What needs to
be done?

Economic incentives should encourage conservation land stewardship and maintenance of ecosystem services.

Business developments compatible with conservation goals should be identified and encouraged, with economic and policy incentives.

Public education should counteract misrepresentation of the relationship between economic and environmental prosperity.

Who is working on it?

Alabama Env Council


Center for Compatible Econ Devel't, TNC

Center for Conservation Biology, Stanford University


Friends of the Crystal River

Idaho Conservation League

Maine Audubon

Nat Resources Council of Maine

Public Employees for Env Responsibility

Sierra Business Council

Sonoran Institute

SC Coastal Conservation League

Western Org of Resource Councils

Western States Center

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