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Energy Efficient Urban Transportation in Megacities

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Energy Efficient Urban Transportation in Megacities

Why is it
important ?

The cities of the future won't be livable without efficient, affordable, clean public transportation. Few cities, even in the developed world, can afford the massive infrastructural investments required for subways. Affordable alternatives with subway-rate passenger throughput exist, pioneered by Curitiba, Brazil.

Combining Curitiba's "surface-subway" or busway approach with fuel cell technology will bring clean, affordable and fast public transit now, not in the distant future.

What needs to
be done?

Los Angeles should expand its commitment to busways, from the newly planned lines on Wilshire and in the San Fernando Valley to a comprehensive integrated system using fuel cellpowered buses.

The Federal Transit Administration's busway pilot project should expand, with a dramatic new funding commitment.

City transportation agencies should develop joint procurement plans to bring down the price of fuel cell buses.

Who is working on it?

Breakthrough Technologies Inst.

Surface Transit Project

Int. Energy Agency

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