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Creating Economic Models Assessing True Environmental and Social Costs

Balancing Economics and the Environment

Reforming International Financial Institutions

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Creating Economic Models Assessing True Environmental and Social Costs

Why is it
important ?

Market price usually does not reflect the true cost of economic activities. Environmental and social burdens are externalized, so when consumers purchase goods and services, their choices aren't informed by important consequences of their decisions.

Internalizing these burdens will allow market forces to assist rather than undermine environmental protection.

What needs to
be done?

Tax waste, not work. Tax shifts should be encouraged that penalize inefficiency and waste, and encourage investment. labor and savings.

Polluter pays policies should be developed and implemented. As a specific example, pesticide registration fees should be increased dramatically to reflect the health costs they incur and the administrative costs to government they create.

Who is working on it?

American Planning Association

CA Tax Reform Assoc

Center for a Sustainable Economy

Center on WI Strategy

Clean Water Fund of TX


Friends of the Earth

Nat Conference of State Legislatures

NW Env Watch-BC

Redefining Progress

Regulatory Assistance Project

Tellus Institute

TX Center for Policy Studies

VT Businesses for Social Responsibility

VT Natural Resources Council

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