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Transition to a Hydrogen Economy

Renewable Energy

Energy Efficient Urban Transportation in Megacities

Climate Protection

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Transitioning to a Hydrogen Economy

Why is it
important ?

The mainstays of 20th century energy, hydrocarbon fuels, have enabled economic growth but now disrupt the climate because of their waste products.

A new energy economy will emerge over the next few decades as hydrogen becomes the currency of energy. The transition will create jobs, stimulate technological change, and ameliorate environmental and health costs of fossil fuel usage.

What needs to
be done?

The transition must take place before current energy practices destabilize the climate.

The playing field that now gives unfair advantage to gasoline and diesel engines by externalizing their social and environmental costs must be made even. This will allow new technologies, especially fuel cells, to compete effectively.

Mandates for zero emission vehicles in cities suffering air pollution must be strengthened and expanded.

Who is working on it?

American Lung Assoc.

Beijing Gen. Res. Inst. for Non-Ferrous Metals

Breakthrough Technologies Inst.

Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, Princeton University

Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental

Environmental Advocates

Environmental Policy Network

Inst. of Transportation Studies, UC Davis

Natural Resources Defense Council

Rocky Mountain Inst.

Union of Concerned Scientists

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